2. Pywbemcli command

Pywbemcli provides access to WBEM servers from the command line. It provides functionality to:

  • Explore the CIM data of WBEM servers. It can manage/inspect the CIM model components including CIM classes, CIM instances, and CIM qualifiers and execute CIM methods and queries on the WBEM server.

  • Execute specific CIM-XML operations on the WBEM server as defined in DMTF standard DSP0200 (CIM Operations over HTTP).

  • Inspect and manage WBEM server functionality including:

  • Capture detailed information on CIM-XML interactions with the WBEM server including time statistics and details of data flow.

  • Maintain a file with persisted WBEM connection definitions so that pywbemcli can access multiple WBEM servers by name.

  • Provide both a command line mode and an interactive mode where multiple pywbemcli commands can be executed within the context of a WBEM server.

  • Use an integrated mock WBEM server to try out commands. The mock server can be loaded with CIM objects defined in MOF files or via Python scripts.

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