3.2. Pywbemlistener general options

General options are those that are specified directly after the pywbemlistener command, e.g. --output-format simple in the following example:

pywbemlistener --output-format simple list

Most of the general options can be specified with any of the sub-commands of the pywbemlistener command, but there are some general options that are used only on some sub-commands, and are ignored on the other sub-commands.

3.2.1. Logging

Logging is performed only by the pywbemlistener run command. The pywbemlistener start command passes its logging settings on to the pywbemlistener run command it starts as a background process. All other pywbemlistener commands ignore the logging settings.

Logging is enabled by specifying the -l DIR or --logdir DIR general option, or by setting the PYWBEMLISTENER_LOGDIR environment variable to DIR. The general option has precedence over the environment variable. DIR is the path name of the directory where the log files will reside in.

There is a log file created for each listener that is running. The log files are named pywbemlistener_NAME.log where NAME is the listener name.

Existing log files are appended to when a listener is started.

The lines in the log file are plain messages without any specific format, and without a time stamp.

3.2.2. Output format

The output of the pywbemlistener list and pywbemlistener show commands is influenced by the --output-format general option.

Only table formats can be specified; for details see Table formats.

3.2.3. Miscellaneous

The --verbose or -v general option displays extra information about the processing. It can be specified multiple times as follows:

  • -v (one time): Display indication processing settings

  • -vv (two times): Display interactions between start and run commands

The --warn general option controls the display of Python warnings.

The --version general option displays pywbemlistener version information

The --pdb general option is for debugging the command: It brings up the pdb debugger right before the sub-command starts executing.

The --help or -h general option provides help for the pywbemlistener command and its general options.